PC Reseller System - Screen Pictures

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  PC Reseller System - Customer Screen
From the customer screen, you can store all of your customer's information including: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Pager, 2 Additional Phone numbers and phone descriptions, Email address, tax-exempt indicator and any relevant notes for this customer. You can also override the default margin for a customer by checking the option button and setting a new default margin for the customer. (Similar to the Vendor Screen)

Customer Screen

  PC Reseller System - Parts Screen
The Parts screen is where you enter or import your parts database into PC Reseller System. Parts are imported via a Parts spreadsheet. After part costs are entered, the sales price is calculated based on your margin option of global or by part type. Also, you may hold the margin constant by setting a "Based on Margin" indicator. Detailed notes may be entered about each part, if you wish.

Parts Screen


  PC Reseller System - Quotes Screen
The Quote screen is where you will build your system quotations. After picking your customer, you build quotes based on the part type window (Upper right) and the parts window (lower left). A Quote history window (Lower right) lets you see the quote history for the current customer. Functions include copying a quote to another customer, entering quote notes, printing a quote, overriding the margin, too name a few.

Quotes Screen


  PC Reseller System - Invoices Screen
The Invoice screen is where you go after you order a quote. The invoice screen will track the warranty information for each invoice and you can enter serial numbers for each part item. A serial number searching funciton is available to help locate parts to check the warranty status.

Invoice Screen


Tech Data, Ingram Micro, Cisco Systems Browser Add-In

The External Parts browser is an Add-In to PC Reseller System that costs $59 USD, Or $149 for a site-license. Now you can browse your Tech Data, Ingram Micro or Cisco Systems data files from within PC Reseller System. Only add in the parts you need to do a quote or invoice.  A special Comparison mode is available to compare Ingram Micro and Tech Data prices by manufacturer's part number. Powerful searching is incorporated and multiple save options description style, etc. Once you use the External Parts browser, you won't remember how you got along without it!

*** Note: Screen Shot shown is from Instant Quote 2000, however, PCRS uses the same layout as shown below.


Tech Data Browser Window