Contact Us for Paypal payment arrangements

We now accept paypal. You can pay in one payment using the links below, or, for a nominal charge, spread your payment over 2-6 months. To make arrangements to pay using Paypal, please contact us with the following information. NOTE: To spread payments, you can also use PayPal's "Pay Later" option.


To use our installment plan (Note you can use PayPal's "Pay Later" option in any of the links below), send the following:
Product you are purchasing, including # of users you are interested in.

Your preference on # of payments, from 1 to 6, with an extra $2.50 per month charge for multi-month payments.

Your name, company name, and contact address information.

E-mail the above information to



Price (USD)

Instant Quote Professional (Single User)


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Instant Quote Professional License Paks (Increase # Users / network version)

$110.00 / User

Instant Quote Professional Upgrade Only (** Requires Previous IQPro / PCR License)

$110.00 Base / $55 Per Addt'l.

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Instant Billing V2 (Add-in requiring Instant Quote Professional)


Instant Customer Tracker
Instant Knowledge Base
$29.99 Single User / $199 Site License
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