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Upgrading Instructions

Download the file by clicking the button above. If you have already downloaded the full version, simply use the "Upgrade" button above, as this is a much smaller file with only the new program and help file. Once downloaded, double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Run Instant Knowledge Base. You will be informed that an upgrade has been detected and your database will be converted to the new version. Your existing data Will be preserved.


Version History

V1.10 - 11/3/2008

Added "Copy/Paste" right-click menu to text fields throughout the program.
Added "Ignore Words List" button to the Setup Options screen. You can now add your own words to a list for the standard search to ignore (not the exact phrase search). Click Setup Options, then click the new "Ignore Words List" button. For example, common words have been added to the list, such as 'of', 'and', 'the', etc. Searching for "Out of Memory" in the search window, for example, will now ignore the word 'of', when checking the number of matches for relevance. Having good common words in the Ignore list can provide sharper, more refined search results.

Checked all screens for proper size at 1024 resolution mode, and for auto-centering upon opening.

Fixed bug in 'To-Do' List screen where the priority would default to a non-existent priority.
Upon exiting Instant Knowledge Base, the system will automatically optimize (compact) the program file only if needed. This ensures a faster running program.

V1.01 - 4/21/2008

Updated installation to contain Microsoft Office Access Runtime service pack 1.