Instant Knowledge Base - Screen Pictures

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Instant Knowledge Base - Article Form

This is the main article / incident number report form. With an article pulled up on the article entry screen, clicking preview reports will quickly access this report. You can print, or send to a .pdf. Additionally, there is an option to copy the selected knowledge base article to the windows clipboard, where you can later paste to an e-mail.


Knowledge Base Article Report


Instant Knowledge Base - Click-Through Statistics Report

When a knowledge base article is clicked on in a search, the click-through statistics are updated. You can easily view a ranking report showing which articles are clicked on the most, thus allowing you to determine which issues need further addressing. A special function exists to reset the current click-through stats and move them to an archived (all-time) stats field.


Click through statistics ranking report

Instant Knowledge Base - To-Do List

Each user of the program will have their own To-Do list, where you can track items you have to do by a customizable priority field.

To-Do List


Instant Knowledge Base - Powerful Menu System

The menu system in Instant Knowledge Base is very intuitive and powerful. Each screen has it's own menu, where all commands are available at the click of a button!

menu system