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Is it possible to use gmail as the smtp server? Where do you enter smtp authentication details?

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If you are using EasyMail as your main handler, there is not a way to add authentication details. EasyMail is an old legacy e-mail add-in that is no longer in development. We had asked the developer years ago about having EasyMail support a user name and login, but the developer of the add-in was no longer able to be reached.

Resolved on: June 21st, 2014

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please can you find solution for the easymail smtp authentication where is available with other billing software
thank you

Posted by charles zeinoun on Jul-13th, 2014
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Have you tried setting gmail as your default e-mail program, then setting the e-mailing window to use Windows Mail / Outlook Express / MS MAPI as the e-mail method? This method is supposed to just use the default mail handler. Worth a shot..
Posted by Andy Colonna on Jun-21st, 2014
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