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When we output to email (ms outlook) from a quote/invoice etc., our machine with our original install of Instant Quote Professional 8.20 the pdf is named after the quote/invoice number, e.g Q8765.pdf or I10065.pdf. We have purchased a second workstation licence and on this machine when we do the same action the filename is quotation.pdf or invoice report.pdf.

Applies To: Instant Quote Professional

The behavior described in the Problem/Issue section can be duplicated by using the Outlook Express / Windows Mail E-mail Method (see SMTP Setup tab of e-mail window). This setting uses MAPI as the e-mail protocol, which is not as robust feature-wise as setting the e-mail method to use full MS Outlook (bottom option).

To fix this issue (Provided that you are using full MS Outlook):

1) Click the e-mail button to e-mail a quote or invoice. With the e-mail quote/invoice window open, click the SMTP Setup tab.

2) In the E-mail Method selection, change to the bottom option: "MS Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007". This option will allow Instant Quote Pro to communicate directly with Full MS Outlook.

3) Switch back to the E-Mail tab, and proceed to send your e-mail. The e-mail should now be using the Quote or Invoice # in the .pdf file name.

Resolved on: March 21st, 2014

Additional Information:
This is a similar resolution that also solves KB000021. By using the "MS Outlook" E-mail method in SMTP Setup, more options are available, such as ability to minimize e-mail window, set priority, request read receipt, include quote # in file name, etc.

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HI again Andy,

We've rolled back to office 2010 and are getting the same automation error now even in this version. We can send using the Outlook Express option but this loses the pdf naming function so we are no better off, probably worse off in fact as we now have an old version of Office installed.

Posted by Bentley Industrial Doors on May-20th, 2014
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The only temporary solution seems to be to install Outlook 2010 (keeping all other Office 2013 components installed). So continue using Outlook 2010, yet keep World, Excel 2013, etc. The problem is version 8 is using an MS Outlook 2007/2010 active x library which is apparently not forward compatible to Outlook 2013. Unless you can find a setting in Outlook 2013 that makes it backward compatible with Outlook 2010 automation.
Posted by Andy Colonna on Mar-25th, 2014
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Hi Andy, thanks again for your reply. We are using Office 365, which comes with Outlook 2013.; When we change the SMTP option to "MS Outlook 2000" and press send we get another error message... "2147417851 Automation error. The server threw an exception. Function: pupEmail_Send". I can send you a screenshot if required.
Posted by Bentley Industrial Doors on Mar-24th, 2014
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Just tested this / found resolution: In the SMTP Setup tab of the e-mail window, IF you have e-mail method set to "Outlook Express / Windows Mail", it will give a generic name for the .pdf file name. Changing it to the bottom option of MS Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007 fixes the issue and then gives the quote or invoice # in the file name.
Posted by Andy Colonna on Mar-21st, 2014
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Can you list the settings here? Such as "E-mail Method: MS Outlook", "Output Format: Microsoft .PDF Add-in", etc.? Thanks!!
Posted by Andy Colonna on Mar-21st, 2014
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