Error 3260 - Could not update currently locked by user on machine..

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Description of Problem or Issue

When attempting to update a quote, invoice, purchase, service order, etc., you receive the above error 3260, notifying you that the item you are editing is locked by another user.

Applies To: Instant Quote Professional

This is likely caused by a record that is locked in your database. Running the MS Access compact and repair a database utility would likely fix this problem.

Before doing that however, if you are using the program on a network, make sure that another user does not have the item open for editing, as this error would also occur in that case.

If you have full MS Access 2010 (for version 8) or MS Access 2007(for versions 6 and 7), you can simply open the database.accdb file directly, and choose the File, Compact and Repair database command.

For version's 5 and below only, use MS Access 97 OR the Jetcomp.exe file to repair your database. See the Jetcomp.exe file in the links section.

Resolved on: January 30th, 2014

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Version 5 and Below Repair Utility

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