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Where to store a logo or part pictures if using program on a network
KB000015 Where does the logo need to be stored if the database is on a network to keep from losing the link to the logo in global setup? Another issue is part pictures sometimes don't show in the quote with pictures form. Article Submitted on Jan-6-2014.

Missing Credit-Card Add-In
KB000014 Error Message: "You are missing the Synapse Credit card gateway installation." Article Submitted on Dec-30-2013.

Install Hangs at 99% - Stops at Installing Fonts
KB000013 When installing the IQProgOnly.exe file, it keeps hanging up 99% of the way into the install. The message says, “Copying File: C:/windows/Fonts/FREE3OF9.TTF”. The failed installation renders IQ inoperable. Article Submitted on Dec-30-2013.

Missing Bar Code Font
KB000012 In the Print Labels Popup Screen, I am not seeing the Free 3 of 9 Bar Code font. Article Submitted on Dec-28-2013.

Office 2010 64 Bit / Instant Quote Professional version 8
KB000011 Instant Quote Professional version 8 will not install. It says I have Office 2010 64-Bit and must have 32-bit office to install. Article Submitted on Dec-22-2013.

Ribbon Menu and tabs are out of sync
KB000010 The ribbon and the tabs are out of sync and if you select any function or menu option, the ribbon doesn't return to the correct screen. For example, when switching from the Service screen to the Invoices screen, the Service menu screen stays active. Article Submitted on Dec-14-2013.

An error was ecountered during the e-mail process
KB000009 Cannot send e-mails from the program using Windows Live Mail on a Windows XP PC. Full Error: 2293 - Instant Quote Professional can't send this e-mail message. Function: pupEmail_Send Possible error running email program, you may not have a default email program or an email program that supports this function (MAPI compliant), such as Microsoft Outlook. Article Submitted on Dec-14-2013.

Where to enter currency data for customers or suppliers
KB000008 This article explains where to setup multiple currencies for sending a quote or invoice to a customer in their currency or purchasing from a supplier in a different currency. Article Submitted on Dec-11-2013.

Parts totaling improperly into the labor / shipping sub total
KB000007 When previewing a quote or invoice, taxable parts are sub-totaling incorrectly into the labor / shipping sub-category at the bottom of quotes or invoices. Article Submitted on Dec-7-2013.

Part Numbers do not auto fill when entering number on new quote, purchase, or invoice
KB000006 When I type in part numbers from a purchase invoice or are making up a quote they don't auto show while typing in the part number. Article Submitted on Dec-2-2013.

Error 3343 Unrecognized Database Format
KB000005 When starting the program, you receive an error 3343 Unrecognized database format and the program fails to load. Article Submitted on Nov-30-2013.

How to move Instant Quote Pro from workstation access to dedicated file server
KB000004 When changing from a pier-to-pier network to a dedicated file server, perform the steps in the resolution section below. Article Submitted on Nov-27-2013.

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