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Date Range
KB000027 Hi, for some reason my report criteria date range stopped functioning, the range from line can not be filled in, though it is visible. Any help would be appreciated. I am using Instant Quote version 6.9. Article Submitted on Nov-2-2016.

Error e-mailing from program
KB000026 I upgraded to Windows 10 or the new version of Office and can no longer e-mail using the program. Article Submitted on Jul-27-2016.

Windows Automatic Update breaks Instant Quote Professional
KB000025 A Microsoft windows automatic update causes the Instant Quote Pro Program to break with the error: The expression you entered has a function name that Instant Quote Professional can't find. Article Submitted on Mar-9-2016.

Error 52 Bad File Name or Number when Starting the Program
KB000024 When launching the program, you receive an Error 52 Bad File Name or Number. The program then appears to start but fails to load the menu bars. Article Submitted on Nov-26-2014.

Using Gmail for Email
KB000023 Is it possible to use gmail as the smtp server? Where do you enter smtp authentication details? Article Submitted on Jun-21-2014.

Registration Not Valid When Upgrading OS
KB000022 After upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, PCReseller registration is no longer valid. Article Submitted on May-13-2014.

Send email box not closing until email sent or saved as draft
KB000021 When we email a quote from instant quote we used to be able to send other quotes to email and drop them into a single email. On a new install we can no longer do this. We have to either send the email or save it as a draft. This is a pain if we need to send more than 1 quote at a time (which we do almost every time). Our old PC with the full version installed (that also houses the network database) allows us to do this but the newly installed workstation licence does not. The software is pointed at the same DB/PW files as the old machine. Article Submitted on Mar-20-2014.

Output to email PDF filename
KB000020 When we output to email (ms outlook) from a quote/invoice etc., our machine with our original install of Instant Quote Professional 8.20 the pdf is named after the quote/invoice number, e.g Q8765.pdf or I10065.pdf. We have purchased a second workstation licence and on this machine when we do the same action the filename is quotation.pdf or invoice report.pdf. Article Submitted on Mar-20-2014.

Error 429: Active X Can't Create Object
KB000019 When starting the program, you receive the message "Active X Can't Create Object", and the program fails to load. Article Submitted on Feb-18-2014.

Error 3260 - Could not update currently locked by user on machine..
KB000018 When attempting to update a quote, invoice, purchase, service order, etc., you receive the above error 3260, notifying you that the item you are editing is locked by another user. Article Submitted on Jan-30-2014.

Where can I find past versions?
KB000017 Use the links below to download past full version installation files for Instant Quote Professional. Simply find the version you are licensed for in the list and download! Article Submitted on Jan-28-2014.

Add Parts to Current Quote (Invoice or PO) button is not working
KB000016 When clicking the "Add Parts to Current .." button (quote, invoice, etc.), the 'Add Parts Browser' window fails to open. Article Submitted on Jan-24-2014.

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