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Past Versions

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Many issues starting the program can be resolved by reinstalling the installation file (IQPro.exe for v6 and above, IQ2000Setup.exe for v5 and below).

Part Category List Not Showing

Windows 7 / Office 2010 Issues - Some Windows 7 / Office 2010 installations no longer support the previous version's Active X control that was used for displaying the tree-view style part category listing. If your category list is not showing, you can enable a simple category list by:


1) Click the lower half of the Setup Options button, then choose "Setup Options - Local PC Only".

2) In Setup Options - Local PC, check the box "Disable Tree-view control". This will turn on the simple category listing.

Problem Running Software with a PC that has Access 2010

With some PC's that have Access 2010 installed: After installing the IQPro.exe file, then launching the program, you may receive the message: "“Unable to find the access 2007 runtime”." This is because the IQPro.exe installation file includes the free Access 2007 runtime version. Because you have Access 2010 on your pc, the Access 2007 runtime may not install. To solve this problem, download and install the Access 2007 Runtime (needed to run Instant Quote Professional). After installing the free runtime, the program will then launch properly. Download the MS Access 2007 Runtime here.

Error 3157 / Corrupted Database:

Repair Database for Version 6 or Above: If you are running Version 6 or above, try running the Instant Quote Professional Import Data & Compact Utility. If you are not seeing an icon for this utility, it can be installed from the full IQPro.exe file, then choosing to install the utility during the installation process (see checked box in the picture below). This utility has a 'compact and repair' button, with instructions. Note: If you are using the database across a network, copy the database.accdb file to your local c: drive prior to repairing, then move back to its original location after the repair is completed.



Repair Database for Version 5 and Below:

You can repair your database using a special program from Microsoft called JetComp.exe (Version 5 or below only). (Click the link to download) To repair the database, follow these instructions:

1) Download the file JetComp.exe

2) Double-click the JetComp.exe file and a dialogue will open, asking you to browse to the source / corrupted database.
3) Next, you will need to enter a destination database that DOES NOT have the same file name as the source. We recommend highlighting the source database, then right-click and choose Copy. Next paste this into the destination database, and edit it so that the name is not the same. For example, if the source is called database.mdb, edit the destination to be the same path, but add a 2 before the .mdb. So you would call it database2.mdb.
4) Choose Compact. The repair / compact process will begin, and if there is a locking problem with your database, a message will appear telling you that "records couldn't be read, locked by user...". This is normal, and means that you did, in fact, have a locked record. You will need to run the compact utility until the compact process comes up clean with no error messages. So, run the compact one more time, but this time change the Source database to database2.mdb, and the destination database to database3.mdb, keeping the path / folder the same. Choose compact again.

5) When the compact comes up with no errors, simply rename the last destination file back to the original filename, such as Database.mdb.