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Latest Version:

Instant Quote Professional V8.00

released on Jan-31-2013.

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New Backup Utility for Protecting your Valuable Data: (New to v7.5 ): Version 7.5 adds a new Backup utility that will open automatically upon starting the program, thus allowing you to backup and protect the critical data of your business! Once you have backed up your data, the screen will not open again until the next business day.

Backup Utility for Instant Quote Pro

New Graphs Screens: 7 New Graphs Available

Version 7.4 adds a new Graphs screen. The Graphs screen adds 7 graphs: 4 Bar Graphs and 3 Pie Charts. The new graphs are perfect for allowing managers to see trends in monthly amounts invoiced, monthly profit invoiced, revenue by customer type, business source and sales person. Additional comparisons to prior years will also prove very helpful in identifying sales trends.

Easily see the monthly amounts invoiced as compared to previous years.

View Revenue generated by Business Source, Customer Type or Sales Person.

New 'Sticky' Popup Screens: Last Items Used / Modified & Customer Picture / Notes

Version 7.2 adds 2 great new screens for last modified items and, for the first time, the ability to add a customer picture to the customer's profile. Now when you are quoting a customer, you can see who you are speaking to. These 2 screens are shown in the right-hand side of the picture below.

Additional features of the Customer Picture / Notes screen: 1) View Customer Picture and Customer Notes, 2) If you have additional pictures and / or Any types of attachments, you can see them by browsing the attachments, 3) 3 Quick Link buttons: Visit Customer's Website, E-mail Customer, View customer network map/site map/or other external document. This time saving screen puts relevant information right at your fingertips.

The 'Last Used' Screen is a very powerful screen that will greatly reduce the need to search for modified items, as 9 times out of 10, when you first launch Instant Quote Pro, you'll want to continue on the last item you were working with. This screen can be set to auto-open when you first launch the program and has 2 main views: 1) Last modified items for current PC - This stores the last 10 items you have worked on for the current computer, 2) Last modified items for the selected customer and screen - Clicking the small button below the list of items will change to this view. If you are on the Invoice screen for a customer and click this button, you'll see the last modified invoices for that customer in decreasing modified order. Simply double-click an item to open it for viewing or editing!

With both screens, you can click the button to 'Remember the screen's position'. This will be remembered even after closing the program, or installing a new version.

Customer Picture / Notes / Last Used Items

New "Customer Picture / Notes" and "Last Used" popup screens. Puts more information at your fingertips!

New Parts Screen Redesign with ability to turn on up to 6 additional Price Level by Quantity Columns

In Version 7, the Parts Screen has been redesigned to add in the Quick Search functions from the "Add Parts to Current Quote.." parts browser screen. In addition, you will be able to use the new Setup Parts button to quickly turn on optional fields and to set the width of the part category listing, so that you can see more data.

In the Parts Setup screen, you can turn on extra price fields that are triggered by user-defined quantity levels. You can turn on from 1 to 6 extra pricing fields. You can also turn on a field to enable a separate markup for each of the columns.

You can also choose to have the new columns be selling prices, or cost prices. If you use them as cost prices, Instant Quote Pro can then add your standard global markup % to each cost as you add the part to a quote or invoice.


Filter the parts screen, then use the new "Update Price Levels" button to open a quick updating screen, shown above.

New Configurator Screen for Quotes and Invoices

In Version 7, a new Configurator will be available. You can setup many different configurations (See "Configs" button in menu area of new Parts Screen above). In setting up a new configuration, you specify which categories, or even which parts, must be included for the configuration to be valid. The sequence # will determine the order of the steps in the Configurator screen.

Enter as many Config's as you wish in the screen above. Check the box if category or part is required for valid config.


When you begin a new Quote or Invoice using the new Configurator (see menu option below) , you will then be stepped through the categories or parts required, and you can then use a "Validate" button at the end to quickly Validate your configuration.

Note: The "Append to current Quote..." option above allows you to re-validate the config. of an existing quote


Simply Choose the configuration, then begin quoting! Prev. and Next will step you through the Configuration.


Pressing the Validate button will check your selected parts against the parts required for a valid config.

As you add parts, parts will also display in the main Quote or Invoice screen.


New Part Rules / Auto Add's for Quoting and Invoicing

New to Version 7 is the ability to setup Part auto-adding and validation rules. This is a very powerful option that will allow you to set one base part, and have all related parts automatically added!! You set the part to create a new rule, then you choose an associated part for adding automatically or via a suggestions yes/no prompt. Additional rules can be setup to be used with the new Configurator. You can also set the quantity multiplier to add. If you set the quantity to a 2, for example, then 2 would be added for every one quantity of the base part.

Open Part Rules / Auto-Adds screen using above option


Setup your part rules for auto-adding, suggesting or requiring for a valid Configuration. Double-click in the "For P/N" or "Associate with P/N" to use the 'add parts browser' for quickly locating your part.


If you choose "Suggest associated part", here is the message you receive while adding the main part to a Quote.


New Customer Equipment / Assets Tracking

New to Version 7 is the ability to track Customer Equipment in the Customer screen, including Service History and warranty expire date information. You can also quickly setup new equipment / asset records from an Invoice Serial Number (Invoice Serial Entry Screen), or by typing a new "Item Checked In" item in the Service Screen. The new Customer Equipment screen makes it easy to look up Customer Equipment and quickly create a new Job Order based on the selected Equipment. 2 New reports are available from the screen below for All Customer Equipment, and the Selected Equipment's service history.

In the screen below, you will visually see if an item is still in warranty (check mark image below), out of warranty, or in for servicing. Clicking the "In for servicing" toolbox icon (not pictured) will open the job order.

3 Field labels are customizable for non computer related companies to be whatever you wish (Windows COA#, Win Version and Serial Number). These 3 customizable labels use the same customizations as in the Service setup screen. Simply click the label of one of the 3 fields below to customize the text of the label.

Additionally, in the screen below, you can see All Equipment records for the selected customer in the lower portion of the screen, Clicking on a detail line will bring up the info in the upper portion. With a record selected, you can use the "Create a new Job Order..." button to quickly create a new job order for the selected equipment.



Service Screen

New to Version 7 is the ability to quickly create a new charge that will show in the "Parts Used" section for the total hours in the "Work Needed" section, shown below. Clicking the button "Create new Charge for Total Task Hours" (shown highlighted below) will allow you to choose a labor part to hold the 2.25 hours, shown below.


Use button above to add in a charge for all hours worked.

Another new time-saving feature is the ability to create One Invoice from Multiple job orders. This allows you to create job orders throughout the month, and then create one summary invoice for all the jobs:


New Favorites list in Reports Screen

New to Version 7 is the ability to setup a Favorites list of all the Reports you frequently use in Instant Quote Professional. Rather than looking through the long list of reports that are available in Instant Quote Professional, you can build your own list by clicking a report, then using the new "Add to Favorites" button. If you have Favorites chosen, when you open the Reports screen, they will show automatically.


Begin a New Instant Quote Professional Database from the Office Menu!

New to Version 7 is the ability to create / begin a new database by clicking the top left Office button menu with no other screens opened (If logging in is enabled, the user must have admin rights).




Past New Features (version 6 and below)

New Excel-Based Quote with Part Line-item Pictures and/ formulas!!

New to version 6.70 is the ability to create an excel based quote from an existing quote that can also merge individual part line-item pictures! The Excel Quote supports:

1) Formulas in the Extended column for Qty X Price, so your customer can adjust their quote and see totals for updated quantities, etc.

2) Many merge fields, including a New Part Picture merge field, and a completely customizable look!

New Quote & Invoice Refresh Pricing Options Screen

After you click "Refresh Pricing", a screen will open with 3 refresh choices for refreshing your quote or invoice (see picture below).

1) Normal. Refresh all Sales / Cost prices. This will get fresh sales and cost prices for all parts contained on the selected quote or invoice, then will recalculate the quote or invoice total.

2) Calc. Sales Prices only based on Quote Cost Prices / margin. If you have a quote where you have adjusted all part costs on the quote line-items, but now wish to recalculate new sales prices based on the quote line costs prices, use this option.

3) Refresh Cost Prices only. This is for those wanting to keep good cost price data for their reports. If you know that part costs frequently change on the parts screen, you can use this option to ONLY refresh the cost prices on quote line-items (Note: When you add parts to a quote or invoice, the part cost is copied to the quote, thus making costs independent from price changes on the parts screen).

New Quote Delete Lines Tool

If you deal with large quotes that contain many line-items, it can be a slow process to delete one at a time using the "Delete" checkbox, shown above, as the system will refresh the quote total and sorting after each delete. To solve this, there is a special tool for deleting many quote line-items at once. With your quote selected, click the "Delete Lines" button in the menu area (shown in button circled in the picture below). A screen will open showing all main line-items on the quote screen. You can then quickly use your up/down arrow keys to move down the list, and your space bar to check/uncheck the items. When you have checked all items, click "Delete Checked Line-Items". All selected lines will then be deleted, the screen will close and the quote total will be refreshed.

New Alternate Contact Address Choice

If you have an alternate contact selected, and click the Order Quote button shown above, you will be prompted for whether the contact address should be used as billing or shipping on the invoice. (Note: The invoice stores the 'bill to' and 'ship to' address with each invoice. This means you can update the customer main bill / ship to address, and later pull up an older invoice to see where the invoice was really shipped, even if their current address has changed.

Note the following screen. This will display when ordering a quote that has an alternate contact:

Use Contact Address as 'Bill / Ship To': This is the most used choice. If this is selected, the alternate contact's address will print in the "Bill To" address on the invoice, and the ship address will be left blank (a blank ship address assumes that bill / ship to addresses are the same).

Use Contact Address as 'Ship To' Address: If you select this option, the customer's main billing address will be used for the "Bill To" address for the invoice, and the contact's address will be used for the "Ship To" address. As always, the bill to / ship to addresses are saved with each invoice, allowing one-off overrides, and allowing you to see where an invoice was sent, even if main / contact addresses change at a later time.

This new feature alone saves much time for user's who wish to use the alternate contact address for the Ship To address.

New Adjust Profit Choices

You can force a different margin for a quote by clicking the "Adjust Profit" button (highlighted button in menu pictured below), then entering your new margin. For example, to enter a 25% margin to a quote, you would type in .25 after clicking Adjust Profit. When you click "Adjust Profit", a screen will open allowing you to enter your new profit % (or margin if Margin is selected in Setup Options, Financial Settings).

You have 2 options for adjusting the profit (see picture below): 1) On ALL parts that have a cost price entered, regardless of whether or not the part has 'based on margin' checked, or 2) On only parts where the part has 'based on margin' checked. With either choice, part prices will be adjusted provided that the parts have a cost price greater than zero.

New Quote Form w/ Part Pictures

Version 6.40 introduced, for the first time ever, a standard Quote Form (Not Excel Based) with individual part pictures for each line-item. These pictures come from the Parts screen, and allow you to send a quote form to your customer with pictures.

Quote Form with Part Pictures

New Mass E-mail Past Due Accounts

Introduced in version 6.30, the new screen, pictured below, allows you to quickly e-mail your past due accounts, with options for setting the body text, amount due, etc., as well as e-mailing the customer statement report. You can set the screen below to automatically open when you start Instant Quote Professional.


New Dymo Labels

Introduced in version 6.20, support was added for 4 Dymo Label Styles. What's even better than simply having Dymo labels support, when you print Dymo labels, IQ Pro will Automatically switch to the printer in your control panel, printer's section, that contains the word "Dymo", print the label, then automatically switch back to your default printer!!


New Synnex Support in External Parts Browser

Introduced in version 6.40, support was added for Synnex in the External Parts Browsing screen. This allows you to take the file from Synnex, and import the parts into the External Parts Browser. For those who purchase from Synnex, this feature alone would save enough of your time to pay for the upgrade!


New Invoice Deposit Request Form

Introduced in version 6.00, this new form allows you to print a deposit request to your Customer for the selected Invoice. Simply pull up the Invoice, set the Deposit percentage, and the Body Text, and you're set. The deposit % / body text will be remembered. Body text supports Rich Text!



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