Integrated Credit Card Processing

New Credit Card Processing add-in for Instant Quote Professional v7.1

Starting in Version 7.1, USA customers can now run credit cards directly from the Instant Quote Professional "Payment Wizard" or "Add New Payment" windows (Support for Australia, UK and Canada coming later in 2011). Clicking "Finish" will launch an integrated Synapse Gateway processing screen where you can then use a card reader to run a credit card transaction (if you don't have a card reader, fields support manual entry as well). This feature uses a Synapse Corporation Gateway and a Marathon merchant account. The Synapse gateway processing window supports a receipt printer for printing the transaction receipt.

To get setup now for integrated card processing, please contact us for information on applying for your merchant account.


Benefits of using integrated card processing:

Save Time: Eliminate Double-Entry of the payment in Instant Quote Pro and the actual payment on a processing machine.

Save money on equipment: The processing add-in does not require a terminal processing machine, as all transactions use a secure internet connection.

Save money on processing fees: Synapse / Marathon merchant processing that will likely meet or beat your current credit card discount rates.

Save Lookup Time for past transactions: Instant Quote Professional will store the authorization code, transaction ID and AVS/CVV response codes, thus making the lookup of past sales very fast and easy.

new credit card processing fields location


Enter Payment using Payment Wizard or Payments Screen:

After clicking the "Finish" button, shown above, the Synapse Integrated Card Processor, shown below, will open. If you leave the credit card details blank in the above window, you can use a card reader in the screen shown below. If you don't have a card reader, simply enter the card information in the circled area shown above.


Synapse / Marathon integrated credit card processor screen


Verify then Process Sale:

Above is the Synapse credit card processing window that opens after clicking "Finish" in the payment wizard in Instant Quote Pro. The window above supports a card reader, receipt printer and e-mailing a receipt. The "Process Sale" button, highlighted above, runs the card transaction.


view payment history


View Past Credit Card Transaction:

You can look up past sales in the payments screen. In the Payments / History screen, clicking the "View" button, shown above, opens the screen shown below for reviewing a past sale.


view payment details


For credit card transactions, you can see more detail (authorization code, transaction id, AVS / CVV Result Codes) by clicking the "View Details" button, as shown above.


view past avs / cvv response , autorization code and transaction id


In the screen above, you can see all details of the charge. However, if you want to go online to see the actual transaction, you can use the button highlighted above.