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See Instant Quote Professional - Access 2007 edition in Action!

Version 7 Tour - Version 7. See a Tour of the new Version 7! This shows the key new features of V7, including: Price Levels by Qty, Create Invoice from un-billed call logs, create job charge from the work needed section, track serial numbers on Jobs, create one summary invoice from multiple jobs, Report Favorites, Customer Equipment tracking, Sales Commissions by Category, Configurations and Auto-Add Part Rules.
Configurations - New to Version 7. See how you can create configurations, then use a configurator to begin a new Quote. Configurations allow you to improve the accuracy of quotes by setting which parts or categories are required. Config's also allow you to get new sales staff quoting with minimal training.
Part Rules / Auto-Additions - New to Version 7. See how you use Part Rules to set base parts and relate them to other parts. You then set a rule to suggest the related part, automatically add the related part, or require the related part for a valid configuration. Using Part Rules can Increase your Sales Revenue by suggesting, or adding, parts that might otherwise be missed!!
Take a Tour - Take the grand tour of the new program interface! See how to navigate the screens, and tour the main menus, tools, and functions all without installing the program!!
Starting from Scratch - New User Setup Tutorial. See how to run through the Setup Wizard, add your logo, enter parts, customers, and suppliers. Then see how to begin a new quote, order an invoice, and create an auto purchase order.
Begin a New Quote - View how to begin a Quote, Add Parts, Preview, and Adjust the Markup!
Searching Your Database - View how to search using the 18+ search facilities! The New search features in Instant Quote Professional are very powerful! See, in action, Searching for Invoices, Purchases containing certain parts, Invoice Serial Numbers search, and searching for internal note text.
Ordering a Quote / Creating a New Invoice - See how easy it is to Create a new Invoice from an Existing Quote, then see how to accept a Payment from your customer for the new Invoice!
Printing Dymo Address and Part Labels - See how easy it is to Print a Customer Address Label or Part Labels for parts or purchases!! Label screens support the most common varieties of Dymo and Avery labels.
Adding / Saving Contacts using MS Outlook - See how easy it is to add Customers from MS Outlook or Save the selected Customer or Supplier to Outlook!! Both the Customer and Supplier screens have menu buttons for adding from outlook, or saving the currently selected customer or supplier to Outlook. Perfect for moving contacts from IQ Pro to Outlook to your PDA or other portable device.
E-Mailing your Past Due Customers - See how easy it is to keep up with Past Due Accounts by quickly e-mailing all past due customers!! With the new Past Due Accounts screen, you can easily see which customers have fallen past due, and need e-mail reminders, thus saving you time and earning you more money! This screen can even be set to automatically open when launching Instant Quote Pro.
Instant Billing Add-In Tutorial - Instant Billing Add-In Overview / Tutorial. See how to to setup the Instant Billing Add-In Module. This demonstration will show how to add recurring charges, setup billing records, run the Batch Billing Process, and demonstrate other functions of Instant Billing. Note: This add-in requires a separate unlock key, and is intended for those who need repeating / recurring billing.
Inventory Control - Inventory Control Demonstration. This demonstrates how the Inventory Control System works in Instant Quote Professional, including on-hand and on-order tracking, creating auto purchase orders based on on-hand values, and entering serial numbers on the Purchase side that become selectable on the Invoice side.
See "How To" Demonstrations
How to Customize your Quote and Invoice Layout - See how to edit the standard Quote and Invoice layouts. In this demonstration, you will see how to add preset fields, remove fields, reposition fields, set fonts and colors, change label text, and add your own custom text field.
How to Create an Excel ® based Quote, Invoice or Purchase - See how easy it is to create an excel based quote, invoice or purchase. Instant Quote Pro includes template.xls files for each. Simply edit them to add your logo, and you're set!
How to add a Signature Line to the Quote Form - Shows how to add a signature line to the quote layout form. Note: to add a signature line to the invoice, the instructions would be the same, but you would use the customize invoice layout function.
How to Select / Lock / Revise a Quote - See how you can easily select a Quote by the Customer Quote History selection, then Lock the quote to prevent changes to the original. Finally, see how to begin a new Quote revision based on the original Quote.
How to Create and Use Quote Templates - See how to create new Quote Templates, then quickly begin a new Quote or Invoice from an existing Quote Template.
How to Send Shipment Tracking text to your Customer - See how easy it is to set default tracking text for your shipping providers, then quickly begin a new e-mail that sends the Invoice and tracking text to your Customer.
How to Add Calculated Shipping Charges - New to Version 6 - Calculated Shipping Charges! See how you can setup your parts with default weight (or optionally add total package weight manually), then use Add / Update Shipping Charges to add calculated shipping to your Quote, Invoice or Job.
How to Add Calculated Labor Charges - New to Version 6 - Calculated Labor Charges! See how you can setup your parts with default labor hours or flat charges, then use Add / Update labor Charges to add calculated labor to your Quote, Invoice or Job.
See Troubleshooting"How To" Demonstrations
How to fix incorrect subtotaling into the Labor / Shipping field - This demonstration will show you how to fix non-labor or shipping parts from incorrectly subtotaling into the "Labor / Shipping" total box on the Quote or Invoice.