Instant Billing - Screen Pictures

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Instant Billing - Customer Billing Records Screen

The Customer Billing Screen is where you go to assign / create billing records for your customers. The Customer data is drawn directly from Instant Quote Professional. You can select the start / end date for the billing record, as well as the billing cycle (frequency). Two additional tabs in the main screen area allow you to view the Customer Details and the Invoice / Payment History for the selected customer.


Instant Billing - Customer Billing Records Screen


Run Batch Billing Screen

This is the work-horse screen in Instant Billing. The batch billing process is a 4-Step process that will seek out all customer billing records where the next invoice date is within 7 days (or however many days you want to look out). The system will then compute these bills and open an invoice review / preview screen where the bills can be verified and accepted. After accepting the bills and processing the batch, Instant Billing will reset the next invoice date to the proper date.


Instant Billing - Batch Invoice Process


Instant Billing - Preview / Accept Invoices Screen

The following screen is displayed any time you create a batch of invoices using the Batch Billing process, or when you create a single invoice for the currently selected billing record. This process allows you to preview the invoice / bill before it is accepted permanently into your Instant Quote Professional Or PC Reseller System database.

Instant Billing - Preview Invoice Screen