Instant Customer Tracker

Customer Mass E-mailer, Revenue Tracker. Updated: Nov-15-2008.

Instant Customer Tracker is your total solution for Customer & Revenue Tracking and opt-in e-mailing of your Customer base. With Instant Customer Tracker, you can track your Revenue, Customers, Prospects, Group List Members, Programs & Version-tracking (Developer's). Also track your login/passwords by website, ship tracking #'s and tracking e-mails (E-Bay Seller's, etc.), mass e-mailing, Dymo address label printing, bug & issue tracking and maintain a searchable custom knowledge base.


Instant Customer Tracker Replaces 9 software programs that you use now: Mail-Merge, Customer spreadsheet/database, Labels program, Password Keeper, Knowledge Base, Bug-Tracker, Reminders Program, Bulk E-mailer, To-Do List and Revenue Statistics Tracker. For software developers, a Bug-Tracking and Key-Generation module, with Version # tracking by Customer, is included that integrates with RedRegistration, by RedBarron Software.

See Instant Customer Tracker in Action!

Paste Customer from a Shopping Cart - This demo shows how quickly you can paste-in a new customer from a Shopping Cart order e-mail (, as well as adding revenue records.

Paste Customer from Register Now - This demo shows how quickly you can paste-in a new customer from a Register Now order e-mail.


Instant Customer Tracker - Customer Screen


The real power of Instant Customer Tracker is e-mailing your customer database using criteria for customer categories, Group List Members, Programs (developer's), versions, customer types, and much more! When you mass e-mail your customer base, Instant Customer Tracker creates an individual e-mail for each message, thus solving the problem of address limits in the TO, CC or BCC fields of your e-mail software.


Instant Customer Tracker Replaces the following 7 programs: Mail-Merge Program, Customer database / spreadsheet, Knowledge Base, Bug-Tracker, Website password / login tracker, Scheduler and Task Manager.


If you're an E-Bay Retailer / Seller, you will benefit from the Ship Tracking # section with one-click creation of customer package tracking e-mails! (See screen shots link above for Shipping pictures)


Instant Quote Professional (or PC Reseller System) users can use Instant Customer Tracker to track, and mass e-mail, their prospects only, then export the prospect to Instant Quote Pro once they become a customer! For example, each salesperson can install their own copy of Instant Customer Tracker, and use it's abilities for prospect / group list / opt-in e-mails to mass e-mail, and track, their prospect database. Then, as a prospect orders your products, they can export the prospect to Instant Quote Professional (or PC Reseller System).

Who Can Benefit from using Instant Customer Tracker?

Instant Customer Tracker can be used by ANY business that wants to track their customers, users, members, track revenue and mass e-mail their customers or members by criteria:

Software Developers

Companies that sell on E-Bay (one-click creation of customer package tracking e-mails!)

Churches / Congregations


Day Care Centers

Restaurants (Send e-mail newsletters to your customers!)

Any Business that wants to mass e-mail and track their customer, members and revenue!!!

Instant Quote Professional or PC Reseller System users (Integrates with both Packages).

Instant Customer Tracker also integrates all the features of our Instant Knowledge Base program, thus allowing you to track solutions to common or recurring problems, with the additions of customer / revenue tracking and mass e-mailing.


Sample Sales by Month Graph

See your Revenue by Customer Category, Group List or Program (Developers)


Create one-click package tracking e-mail!

Create a customer package tracking e-mail in just 2 clicks!

Print a Customer Address Label with only 2 Clicks! (Supports Dymo Printers!!!)


For Developers: Integrates with RedRegistration!

A-Ware 2000 Integrates with RedRegistration

Increased Organization
Increase Communication with Customers
All-In-One Solution
Take the burden out of customer group list and key tracking (developers)
Key Features
Customer Tracking by Program
Track Revenue and View Stats & Graphs
Send customer package tracking e-mails
Print Dymo/Avery Customer Address Labels
Track Commissions for sales associates
Integrates with Instant Quote Pro / PC Reseller
Track invalid e-mails, and chargebacks
Maintain your own FraudWatch database
Track Free Upgrades (developers)
One-Shot Bulk E-mailer
Create/Search Your Own Knowledge Base
Track program bugs & issues including 3 bug reports
Track website logins / passwords
Track google keywords and rankings
Search Your customer database
Search valid e-mails and quickly mark invalid.
Uses MS Office Access 2007 ® database
Mass E-mail your customer's by criteria
Mass E-mailing eliminates problem with hang-ups in large BCC fields by creating a separate message for each address.
Auto-Send up to 4 additional promotional e-mails with user key
Define windows clipboard copy/paste for any provider
E-mail program keys to your customer's as they register (developers)
  5 Star User Rating  
  I found the mass e-mailing feature to be exactly what I wanted!  

" of the features in this program blew me away! I have been collecting the E-mail addresses of my customers so that I could send out advanced notices to them ...I found the mass E-mailing feature to be exactly what I wanted!"

Robert A. Zigler, ACR Computers



Minimum System Requirements for Instant Knowledge Base. Instant Knowledge Base, built with Microsoft® Office® Access® 2007 (Access 2007 Not Required), has the following system requirements:

MS Office Access 2007 Not Required - Comes with FREE Access 2007 Runtime
Computer and processor: 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, or later operating system
Display: 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor

Memory: 256 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher (we recommend 512MB)

Hard disk: 1.5 gigabyte (GB); a portion of this disk space will be freed after installation if the original download package is removed from the hard drive.