Computer Shop Program

Your long search for a Computer Shop Program is over! If you are in need of a quality program for your Computer Shop inventory, Instant Quote Professional is for you! Using this powerful computer shop software, you can create invoices in seconds by using a fully customizable Parts & Inventory Database that you create and maintain. Simply add parts to a new Invoice at the click of a mouse, and let our software do the rest! This program can handle ALL of the inventory data for your computer shop!

Additionally, Our Computer Shop Program supports:

Quote and Invoice tracking, by Customer. Easily track all your Computer sales for your shop.

Maintain a Parts Database, navigated using tree-view style part categories, to easily add parts for a new Computer.

Search all Computer Sales. Track on-hand inventory amounts of all parts.

Log and Track Computer Repair Work, using the Service section, then quickly create an Invoice.

Use our Computer Shop Program to track Shipping and Inventory Information.


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animated demo for our computer shop program See Our Computer Shop Program in action - See an online demonstration that shows how Instant Quote Professional tracks the inventory data for your computer shop, and see how easy it is to use our computer shop sales software.


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Computer Shop Program Invoice screen - Easily and quickly create an Invoice and track inventory on-hand

Create an Invoice for each Computer Sale in Seconds!


actual Invoice produced by our Computer Shop Software

Invoice Form Preview for Computer Sales