Instant Customer Tracker - Screen Pictures

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Instant Customer Tracker Customer Screen

The Customer screen is where you enter or paste-in new customers. You can paste-in a new customer from a highlighted order-server e-mail from your provider. Additionally, you can generate keys, e-mail the key to your customer, paste the key to the clipboard, create reminders and many, many more activities from this screen.


A-Ware 2000 Customer Screen


Customer Menu - The Menu area for the Customer screen contains many useful functions including Pasting a customer from the windows clipboard, Adding a customer from Outlook, Logging Support calls, Printing a customer label and searching your customer database.



Instant Customer Tracker Prospect Screen

Prospects can be tracked from the main Customer screen by clicking the "Prospect" menu switch (see highlighted menu Prospect button in picture below). You can paste-in new prospects from a highlighted e-mail or cgi-email script that has been defined using the "paste from clipboard" feature. You may also generate temporary keys, track demo send-outs, and reminder dates for your prospects. Follow up date and other prospect reports are available from the Reports screen.


Instant Customer Tracker - Prospect Screen

Instant Customer Tracker E-mail Setup and Mass E-mailing Screens

Instant Customer Tracker allows you to define custom emails for each Customer Category / Group List (Or Programs for Developers) that you sell. This is really the bread-and-butter of Instant Customer Tracker! You can also define custom emails for newsletters, special sales offers, new version availability emails and any other emails you can think of. Then, using the Mass E-mailing screen, you can batch-send your custom emails to the customers or prospects matching the criteria you select. The mass e-mailer creates an individual e-mail for each match during the e-mailing process, which solves the problem of the number of e-mail address limitations in the to, bcc fields of most e-mailing programs.

Mass Email Setup Screen

Setup custom e-mails in screen above. You can right-click to insert merge fields.

Mass E-mailing Screen

Mass e-mail your custom e-mails by criteria. Each E-mail match is sent as an individual E-mail!

Instant Customer Tracker Customer Mailing Labels

Instant Customer Tracker allows you to quickly print a mailing label for shipping to your Customer. Supports 5 Avery label styles, and 4 Dymo Label formats!! For Dymo labels, the program will automatically switch to your Dymo printer, print the label, then switch back to your default printer: With just 2 Clicks, you can print an address label!!

Print Dymo Customer Address Labels

Instant Customer Tracker Shipment Tracking and E-mail notification

Instant Customer Tracker allows you to track shipments and tracking information within the Revenue-entry area. In addition to tracking the information (ship type, tracking #, ship date and order number), you can send a package tracking e-mail to your customer at the click of a button! This is Perfect for E-Bay Seller's, as you can keep your customers up to date on their order.

Quickly send a shipment tracking e-mail to your Customer! Pefect for E-Bay Sellers!

In the Revenue line above, after recording the Ship Provider and Tracking #, simply right-click in the Tracking # field to launch a package-tracking e-mail! (See merged tracking text below)


Shipment Tracking E-mail

After right-clicking in the revenue line (top picture in this section), and selecting to Merge tracking text, a new e-mail message will be opened to your customer. The body of the message can be set by Shipping Provider, so that you can include their website link for tracking packages (see picture below).


Shipping Provider Setup


Instant Customer Tracker Bug / Issues Tracking (Developers Only)

Instant Customer Tracker allows you to track program bugs & issues, enhancements and feature requests by program. Then, from the reports screen, you can print your bug "to-do" list, which is in the form of a check-sheet. If you set the program to "Developer Edition" in the Setup Options screen, you will see / have access to the Bug-Tracking Screen.

Bug / Issues Tracking Screen

Instant Customer Ttracker Websites and Password Tracking / Google Rank Tracking

Instant Customer Tracker also allows you to track all the websites that you visit where you have login's & passwords. This replaces any external password keeper / tracker type programs. An additional tool available is to track Google keyword rankings for your various webpages.

Password Tracker

Instant Customer Tracker Reports

Instant Customer Tracker comes with 14 standard reports ranging from Customer to Prospect to Bug reports. With many reports, you can enter date, program, referrer and customer type criteria, or leave everything blank to view all records.

Reports Screen

Instant Customer Tracker Stats Screen - See how you are doing!

Clicking the "Sales Statistics" button will generate stats showing your total customers, revenue, prospects, month-to-date sales, last-months sales, year-to-date sales and chargeback / invalid e-mail percentages.



Instant Customer Tracker Statistics Screen


Revenue by Revenue Type Stats

Instant Customer Tracker Knowledge Base
Create your own knowledge base that is fully searchable. No more hunting for past solutions, simply search your own k-base!


knowledge base search screen


Instant Customer Tracker Additional Tools
Additional tools that come with Instant Customer Tracker include shareware site submit checklists, customize pay types, track downloads / visitors, define e-mail definitions for pasting new customers from e-mails, and tracking fraudulent purchasers.