Instant Customer Tracker - What's New?


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Upgrading Instructions

Download the file by clicking the button above. If you have already downloaded the full version, simply use the "Upgrade" button above, as this is a much smaller file with only the new program and help file. Once downloaded, double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Run Instant Customer Tracker. You will be informed that an upgrade has been detected and your database will be converted to the new version. Your existing data Will be preserved.


Version History

Ver 1.10 11/15/2008

New Features / Program Changes

Added the ability to import Customers or Prospects from a "paste-in" style datasheet. In the Customer screen, click the "Import Customers" menu option, then select the top option to Import Customers. To paste your data from an excel sheet, highlight the 1st column of data in excel, such as the first name, then right click in the first name column in the paste-in sheet, and choose paste (or <Ctrl>V to paste). Continue pasting column by column until you are finished. Select whether the data should be added as customers by checking the box, then click 'accept and add' to add the customers.

Added Import Customers and Integration Mode for our quoting and invoicing programs: Instant Quote Professional and PC Reseller System. In the Customers screen, you can now click, from the customer menu, "Import Customers", then select "Import Customers from Instant Quote Professional or PC Reseller System". In the screen that opens, simply browse to your Instant Quote Pro database (database.mdb for version's 5 and below, or database.accdb for version's 6 and up), or your PC Reseller System database (database.mdb), then set the 'Import?' box for each customer to import Customers. To automatically save any new customers or customer field changes to Instant Quote Pro or PC Reseller System, check the "Integrate with Instant Quote Pro / PC Reseller.." checkbox in the Import screen or the Setup Options screen.

Enhancement: When using the 'Add Customer from Clipboard' button, you will now be notified if you are pasting in a duplicate customer.