Instant Quote Professional - Version 8

Instant Quote Professional V8 is built using the latest MS Access 2010 technology, thus ensuring full compatibility with the latest operating systems and MS Office versions. See Screen Pictures following Features section below). Visit the New Version page for Upgrade & Ordering information. Testimonial for the new version 8: "Love v8, especially the tree view when adding parts to a quote or invoice. I have been waiting on this update. Also, the application itself seems somewhat quicker when opening and pulling reports. I cannot rave enough about this software. It has always exceeded my expectations. You are doing a great job and I hope you have continued success with it."... "Also program seem to be faster and more responsive than old version. Looks better too :-)"

Screens redesigned in MS Access 2010! This will allow greater compatibility with current MS Office programs, as well as greater compatibility with newer versions of Windows Operating Systems. Overall program and reports run much faster!!
New TreeView style part category listing. This replaces the Microsoft Active X control (which they disabled in a recent auto-update) with one that uses standard controls and duplicating the expandable features of the active x control. Advantages are category will now stay highlighted, allow for on-screen editing, and allow a right-click menu for viewing the chosen category, etc.
Time-Saver: When entering new Quote, Invoice, Job or Purchase Order line-items directly on a blank line, once you press enter, the system will automatically go to a new line, and put you in the same field.
The Part Description in the Purchases screen will now be editable, as it is in other screens.
You can now set the background color scheme, with choices being Blue, Black or Silver.
New Last Quoted tab in the Part Information popup window. By double-clicking a part description on a quote line item, you can click the new "Last Quoted" tab to see the last quotes price for all customers or the currently selected customer.
New Full Screen Search facility for the Additional Contacts section. This will allow you to search ALL existing contacts for ALL customers.
New ability to tie a particular form to the Quick Print button, thus allowing you to set the excel based quote or invoice to the quick print button, as well as setting the default number of copies. Time Saver: Added additional Quick Print forms to menu.
In the 'Make Deposit' window, you will now have the ability to e-mail the Invoice Deposit Request form.
Usability Updates allowing faster access to common commands, thus saving you time!
Set Quote Status / Job Status colors for each status and much, much more!


New to V8.40: Import a Quote from Microsoft Excel!!

Now you can quickly import quotes from an Excel-based quote. This new, powerful feature allows you to MAP the excel columns to the Import columns (See picture above), and then choose a Supplier (and optionally a category) for all Imported parts. Previous methods would have taken hours to add all necessary parts to the Parts screen, then add them one-by-one to a new Quote. Now the parts will be automatically added the parts screen (unless previously added, then the part will be updated with fresh pricing).




New Part Category Tree Style Listing - Vastly improved part category tree view control, with right-click options for viewing category details, adding a new part category, etc.


Choose your Background Color Scheme Choices of Blue, Black and Silver.


View Last Quoted details for any part line-item. View by Selected or All Customers.


Choose form for the Quick Print button. - Additionally, you can now quick-print other forms directly from the quick print menu above, without need of going to the Office or File menu!

Search all Additional Contacts Screen.