MS Access™ 97 / 2000 / 2007 Spell Checker / Dictionary Tool with Source Code

You can download the source code for our MS Access™ Spell Checker for either the MS Access 97™, MS Access 2000™ or MS Access 2007™ versions for FREE. If you find the code useful, please use the Donate button below. Our Spell-Checker solves the problem of how to distribute the Spell-Checker ability in your applications (Access does not include a spell checker which runs in runtime mode. Our spell checker DOES run in runtime mode, giving your users a useful spell checker in your Access runtime distribution!). We offer a complete Access 97, Access 2000 or Access 2007 spell check solution, with source code!

While we do offer the source code free, we appreciate any donations you wish to make.

Suggested Donation: $25.00

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sample ms access spell-checker with source code and dictionary


View Access Spell Checker Source Fixes History

Our Spell-Checker includes lightweight code: All of the code is in one callable spell checker form.

The .MDB file includes the forms, code and tables necessary for you to incorporate spell-checking into your applications, including fully documented code.

You are free to then distribute your applications with our spell check technology, as you wish. The only limit is that you cannot resell our spell checker technology, the technology is solely for including in your applications. For distributing with your application, we only ask that you leave the "Copyright" link intact on the PupDictionary form.


We are now offering our spell checker source code for FREE!

Distribution Rights: If you are distributing our spell checker in your application, we only ask that you leave the "Copyright" link intact on the PupDictionary form. If you wish to remove the copyright information, please use the "Donate" link at the top of this page.

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Spell-Checker MS Access 97™ Source-code Download
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Spell-Checker! MS Access 2000™ Source-code Download
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Spell Checker MS Access 2007™ Source-code Download
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Key Features

Lightweight code. The spell checker and Suggestions technology is all build into the Spell-Checker form.

Purchasing the source code includes a US and a UK dictionary stored in the database.

Dictionary includes all contractions, such as They'll, They're, Can't, etc.

Includes sample forms as pictured above.

Simple implementation. Simply set the focus to the control you wish to spellcheck, then call the Spell-Checker form, "pupDictionary".

User's can edit the dictionary, and view the Standard dictionary, or their custom words (See Picture below).


Edit Dictionary


View Access Spell Checker Source Fixes History

Updated: September 3, 2008

Access 97/2000/2007 Version***: The access spell checker source will now ignore web addresses.

Access 2007 Version Only: Added the ability to spell-check access 2007 rich text fields. Spell checker will detect if the text box is rich text, and adjust accordingly.

Access 97/2000/2007 Version***: If text begins with a number, it will now be ignored. Example: 85MB.

Access 97/2000/2007 Version***: If a misspelled word is found, once you replace the word, it would no longer refresh the scrolling of words. Inserting DoEvents after Selstart and SelLength statements took care of the problem. Adding DoEvents also took care of the screen NOT refreshing as it scrolled down.

Access 97/2000/2007 Version***: Fixed overflow error that could occur with words that were 1 character in length.